Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Space Coast and Beyond...

So the Space Coast Half Marathon was on was phenomenal!!  I PR'd by 10 minutes but took 20 minutes off my Wine and Dine time.  Everything from the expo to the race and water stations/volunteers to the food afterwards were amazing.  I do wish that I could have picked up my packet on race morning, I saw other people doing it, but I followed the rules and went to the expo with Addie in tow.  I can't complain because we got to see the rocket launch from Kennedy Space Center..again AMAZING!!  The expo was small so it was easy to navigate.  Didn't buy anything but I could have done serious damage :)
We left the house around 4:30 to make the drive to Cocoa for the race.  Much love to Ty and Addie for waking up and going to support me!  Plenty of parking.  We walked around the finish line briefly before making our way to the start line.  I was slightly concerned because the pace corrals went from 12 min/mile to walkers...does that mean I should be a walker??  Oh well.  I do wish the corrals had been a bit more was very crowded and I couldn't see the blast off for the start.  Off we went!
I saw Ty right after the start and tossed him my headband...I don't know why I try because it never stays on my head.  Maybe the one from 13.1 going on crazy will work better!
I felt a little sluggish at the start but not too bad...I really picked up speed around mile 4 and that lasted until about mile 6 when I started to slow down again while I anticipated the turnaround which seemed like it would never come.  Around mile 8 the heat started to get to me and I slowed a lot...but I saw Ty and Addie on the course and I was on pace to finish under 3 hours...but no longer on pace to finish under 2:45 (I knew that was a long shot).  I ran/walked for a few miles and really tried to pick it up mile 11 to the finish.  I should mention that around mile 9 I got passed by the marathon winner...some people just run too fast.  I saw Ty and Addie again as I approached the finish line..Addie snuck under the rope and chased me to the finish line.  I think I have a runner on my hands and that is ok with me :)  She was very excited to tell me about the 57 high fives she got while cheering.
The medal, towel, and patch are awesome!  I didn't feel much like eating...again the heat was getting to me but according to Ty and Addie the breakfast was very good.  I can attest that the oranges and juice were very good :)

I took the next two days off and went for a 5 miler today.  Between Sunday and yesterday..the weather has cooled off a ton!  However, it is too cold for a tank top but not cold enough for long sleeves...very hard to dress for.  But Harley and I did 5 miles in 1:05, my fastest to date I think and then I decided to torture myself further and do Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.  I have a feeling I will be sore tomorrow but it will be so worth it :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!! my house we will be celebrating tomorrow because Ty has to work today.  I did bake cookies with Addie yesterday and made the first apple cake of the season this morning for Ty to take to work.
Runner's World has challenged (and I have accepted) a sort of "seasonal resolution".  The challenge is to run everyday between now and New Year's...even it is only a mile.  I'm pretty regularly running about 4 times a week but have decided to take on the challenge :) Which means, I will be loading the munchkin into the stroller after nap time in between baking cookies, eating cookies, and watching Christmas to run at least a mile today.
Tomorrow will be an easy 5 miler and then a mile again on Saturday.....and then....
SPACE COAST HALF MARATHON on Sunday.  I am so excited about this race.  This is going to be the first "non-Disney" half marathon that I am attempting.  This is also the first race that I don't just want to finish but I want to PR.
I'm going to try and update every day of the run challenge :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Check it out!

Check it out:  13.1 Going on Crazy Giveaway and amazing blog!  So inspiring...I want to do 13 half marathons also...but probably going to start with 12 in 2012 :)

Miles and Socks...the little things in life

So yesterday I ran the farthest I have ever run in my life..15 miles!  Woohoo!  I was feeling great for the first 8 and then it slowly started going down hill but alas I didn't quit and I didn't give up.  However, I really need to figure out how to keep my feet and calves from screaming!  I really want to cry the last 3 miles because I thought my legs were just going to give up on me.
That lead me to go to Fit2Run this afternoon.  After talking to a friend and my brother and my husband (who swears by Powersox) I decided I need to try some real "running socks".  Jason (the sales guy at Fit2Run) could not have been more helpful.  He listened to me about my feet, showed me a bunch of socks and answered my questions until I decided I would try the coolmax Experia socks.  They didn't have blue ones in my size so I'm styling a nice gray/black pair.  I can't wait to run in them tomorrow and see how my feet feel.
I almost bought some compression calves sleeves, but Jason suggested I try the socks first and then we can move on from there.  He also gave me a newspaper/magazine about all the races in Florida...this is not going to be good as there are sooooo many I want to do :)
For now...hoping to PR next Sunday at Space Coast Half Marathon!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Upcoming Races

Because I occupy myself by looking at races when I should be studying....
These are the races that I really want to do in the very near future (i.e. 2011-2012)
Disney Princess 5K and Half Marathon 2011 - completed
Disney Wine and Dine 5K and Half Marathon 2011 - completed
Space Coast Half Marathon - Nov 27, 2011
Disney Goofy Race and a Half Challenge - January 7-8, 2012 - registered
26.2 with Donna Half Marathon - Feb 12, 2012
Disney Princess 5K and Half Marahon - Feb 27-28
Gasparilla Half (or possible Mich Ultra challenge) - March 10

and the list just keeps growing...

Friday, November 4, 2011

Not about running but...

So this is post is not about running but more of a rant of PA school:
1) Why do people who preach tolerance judge the most?
2) You knew the price of school when you applied/interviewed/ stop complaining about it.
3) We are not at main campus so stop comparing our building to main campus
4) Professors are human also...they are trying to teach us the information as fast as we are trying to learn is not a sin or sign of bad education to take information from a book/other reference
5) We are adults...let's all not talk at once please
6) We are adults...grow up and if you don't like and are constantly complaining about the flaws of a new program with no solution...leave and apply somewhere else.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Did 6 miles yesterday...walked more than I had anticipated but this by far has been my best training week since I was training for the Princess 2011.  I wish I had trained like this for Wine and Dine...would have made that a lot easier..haha.
Didn't run today but I did do Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred.  School and studying is really getting in the way of running...haha.  At least my three test week is almost over, but next week is 4 tests...but that is the last hellish week until Finals start in December.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I will get there eventually.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

8 and feeling great

I know I have been saying for a while that I am going to run 8 miles....well today I set out to do a quick 4 miles and then pick up Addie and head home to study.  Well...I got to three miles and decided to go for 6 so I turned out of Downtown Disney and headed towards 535.  When I got to 535 I was let's make it 4 and turn around.  So I did.  PS...I had to run by a Mcdonalds, Burger King, Denny's, and IHOP, amongst other delicious smelling food establishments...good thing I don't run with any money.  So I turned around at 3.75 and headed back towards downtown...It was right around 5 miles when I passed World of Disney...I started thinking that I should make by the time I make it back to the car...maybe I'll do 7 or 8 miles.  I was parked by Cirque D'soleil.  I ran until the sidewalk ran out and then turned around...crossed the street to Downtown Disney West Side...6.5 miles.  It was started to get dark so I didn't want to run the nature trail to Old Key West again...I'll just run until 7 miles and head back and see where that gets me.  So after a few up and downs of the parking lot...I was at 8 miles!!!!
Now the question I try and do another long run tomorrow or wait a day and try back to backs another day?  I guess it will depend on how well my cardiology test goes and if I need to blow off steam....School really gets in the way of running sometimes :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Just me and my dog and the road

When I lace up my shoes, and leash up Harley and head out the is just me and him.  He doesn't judge my running style, if my clothes match, if I'm walking or running.  He is just happy to be out there and trying to catch the occasional frog without me looking...I mean really what dog tries to eat a frog?!?  Harley dog...that's who.
He is happy whether we go out for 2 miles or 6...although anything longer he isn't so happy, but is a happy tired doggy.
The road doesn't doesn't care how I look or what I think about when I'm running.  It is just happy to have someone on it.  It doesn't care if I'm figuring out different pathologies in my head, or singing along with my ipod.  It doesn't care what I wear or if I'm having a bad day.  It is just there waiting.
Some days I feel as though the road and Harley are all I have, besides my family of course...nothing can replace them :)  But the road and Harley might possibly be my best friends besides Ty and Addie and all that is getting me through PA school when I feel completely isolated from the world due to studying.
Some may say that being on the road is isolating, but not when the road can feel what I feel and appreciate all the pathogens and treatments and diseases filling my head.  It lets me dump them on it.
And then I get to come home to a sloppy kiss from Harley and the biggest hugs from Addie and Addie saying she is proud of me and wanting to hear all about my run.

Dear Jillian

Dear Jillian Michaels
Thank you for kicking my ass on days that I can't fit in a run and have eaten lots of chocolate and sugar.
My Thighs

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why do bad runs happen?

So yesterday I was all pumped up to do my first back to back long run weekends.  I woke up, ate some toast, put on my running clothes, leashed up my dog...went outside....and.....
It was raining.......
Normally I would turn around head back inside but I was determined....I only lasted 2.5 miles but at least it was something.  I couldn't find a rhythm...couldn't get into...the whole time I just wanted to go home and give up.
Today...I slightly redeemed myself...I waited for Ty to get home.  He was later than expected because of traffic so it was darker than I would have liked...but I was determined to go.  So I leashed up Harley and out the door we went.  The next thing I know I ran 5 miles without stopping to walk!!  Only stopping for Harley to do his thing...I don't know if I have ever run that far without stopping to walk at all.  I walked .1 miles and then ran the next .9 to finish off 6 miles.
Topped it off with a piece of chocolate pudding pie :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Today I discovered....

Today I discovered that not only have I fallen in love with running....I may have become obsessed.  It has been a rough week although I only had 1 test in school I haven't been feeling very well.  I managed to get in a great 6 mile run and was feeling really good but then quickly made excuses to not run the rest of the week.  So now I am feeling lazy, unmotivated, and really starting to freak out about Goofy.  WHAT WAS I THINKING???  However, in all my free time all I do is look up races to run.  If only I could race with out training...probably not a very good idea.
But then we decided to go to Florida Mall for family night...and I discovered the greatest sight for sore running eyes...a running store in the mall!!!  Needless to say, I cheered up almost immediately and could have spent all my money, but instead started making a list for Christmas :)
And tomorrow...I will be running 10 miles and on Sunday I will be running 15 miles.  It is time to stop the excuses and step it up!!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wine and Dine

Last night I completed my second half marathon ever...and my second half marathon at Disney World.  This race presented several was a night didn't even start until 10:00pm!!!  I was tired before it started because we did the Halloween 5K at Disney that morning and Addie didn't take a nap all day.  You know what it means when the munchkin doesn't nap...mommy doesn't nap either.  Oh well...adrenaline got me through :)  The second problem was between PA school and moving, I haven't trained for this race.  I did 6 miles a few weeks and that was the longest run in a few months before running 13.1.
The first 4 miles felt great...then I think I left my hamstring in Animal Kingdom.  I ended up walking quite a bit but was keeping under the Disney pace so I wasn't worried about getting swept up.  I knew I wasn't going to make my goal time so I stopped and got pictures with all the characters :)
Definitaly need to step up the training to get ready for while I sit here with ice on my hamstring, waiting for Ty to come home and help me stretch...I've planned my november training schedule.  It is going to be tough to find the time for the runs with three tests a week, but luckily the weather is starting to cool off (by Florida standards...other people still consider 80 warm) so I'll be able to run after school and then study instead of having to wait until it is dark.  Also going to try to do Jillian Michaels 30 day shred everyday before school.  We'll see if I am walking by the end of this week.  I hope so :)
Here are some pictures from the races yesterday:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's been a while...

Wow...didn't realize I haven't posted since Hot Chocolate.  I have down a lot since then...numerous 5ks...the Princess Half Marathon...which rocked!!!!!  And now I'm training for the Wine and Dine half marathon and the Goofy Challenge. I just want to say that I pretty sure I have lost mind in doing Goofy...but I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! Is it January yet?? Looking at the pictures...and thinking of crossing the finish line....I know I am a sap but it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Running has given me the courage to go for so many started as a goal to run a 5k (now I have lost count for how many I have done)..then it was a half marathon (why not make it a disney one) is Wine and Dine and then Goofy...while training for the princess I decided that if I could do that I could do now I am back in school...people ask me why I run and I tell them I solve the world's problems while I run but I don't think anyone could ever understand how running has changed my life. Just felt like sharing...needless to day I think I am delirious from studying for the past 7 hours but oh well....tomorrow I'll have time for a run :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lauren running in style :)

 Hot Chocolate 10K Pictures!

Did it!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mmmm...Hot Chocolate

WOOHOO!!!  Yesterday was the Hot Chocolate 10k in Asheville, NC.  If you know anything about this race, the last 1K is straight uphill...and not a little bit but a steep incline.  I knew I was going to have to walk up the hill at the end so my first goal that I set was to run the first 2 miles without walking.  As I ran past the first mile, I heard the best sound!  I was really goal was to stay under 13:30/mile pace...the pace I hope to keep for Disney.  And then came mile 2...23 something...alright I can do this...I can make it to 3 miles without walking.  I passed Ty right before 3 miles...thanks for standing in 19 degrees and cheering for me.  I ran around the park and over the bridge...the 4 mile mark is too much farther..I can make it.  As I pass Ty again, I yell to him that I haven't walked yet and I get a little teary as he yells for me that my pace is awesome.  I'm slowing down a little bit but still haven't walked...I get to mile 5.  Calves are starting to burn a little bit and my back is killing me.  Probably around 5.25 and 5.5 miles I cave and walk a little bit.  But I know that I need to run to the hill because then I will have to walk.  I walk the hill and get to the 6 mile mark..76 something.  Not going to make my goal of under 1:15 but just want to finish the dang hill :)  I cross the finish line at!!!  That is 9 minutes+ off my Turkey Trot time and would have been even more if it wasn't for the hill.  I am totally proud of myself and so is Ty....I couldn't be happier with my performance!!
And to top it all off..I found a Livestrong ear warmer at Dick's and had my hair had grown long enough to donate to Locks of Love!!!! 
Such a great day yesterday!!!  Pictures of the race will be up when we get home tonight!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


There are good things and bad things about running a new route.  On one hand, the change in scenery is wonderful and I felt very good running, even though it was only 3 miles, I easily could have gone more.  However on the other hand...a new route means lots of new trees for Harley to make his they make blinders and smell guards for dogs...haha :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

People are Crazy!

What a day...what a day.  Today would have the been perfect day to go for a nice long run to clear my head.  People are just nuts sometimes.  I hate when people try to accuse you of not doing any work when in reality you are working, but calmy.  Why do people think that it looks like you are busier when you are running around crazy like, like a chicken with your head cut off???  It is possible to get work done in a calm and organized and less stressful manner....we are all adults are not?
But alas, something better then running came along, so I have taken 2 nights off in a row.  The opportunity to have dinner with a good friend should never be passed on.  Friends support you through good times and bad so when a chance arrives to see a friend from long ago, take it.  Who knows when it will happen again.  My Zeta grandsis is in town this week.  I was fortunate to spend Saturday with her, and my wonderful husband came along as well and helped to corral Addie and then I got to have Sarah all to myself for dinner tonight.  It is nice to talk about good ole Stetson days, the present, and the future.  There is a bond of sisterhood with Zeta that nothing compares with.  When you go from not seeing someone for a long time, talking through facebook, and spending two days as if not a day has gone by from the Beta Psi Chapter Room...that my friends is what is all about.  I miss that.
But I digress...tomorrow at work I'm sure will be quite interesting....and I'm sure a nice 6 mile run will be the cure. 
37 days until Princess Half Marathon!!  I ran 8 miles for the first time this weekend and it felt great, well actually it kind of sucked...but a good sucked :)  The Reutebuch Family Disney Trip planning is coming along nicely...I think Ty and I might be more excited than Addie.  I can't wait!!!!!!!  And again, it will be nice to meet up with my fine Zeta ladies while in Orlando :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Well it is that time of year again for New Year's resolutions. Resolution number 1 is to try and remember how to actually update this thing and do it more regularly. Also I plan to run 211 miles, which really shouldn't be a problem, since I ran 100 miles from September to December this year and plan to run way more this year. And again I want to race once a month. I already have races planned for January, February, and March. I will be doing my first 1/2 marathon in Feb at Disney World and really need to pick up the training. It will happen :)
So far here is the 2011 race calendar:
January 22-IDES Hot Chocolate 10K, Asheville, NC
February 26-Royal Family 5K, Disney World
February 27-Princess Half Marathon, Disney World
March 13-Shamrock N'Roll 10K, Atlanta, GA
March 26-Atlanta Women's 5K, Atlanta, GA
April 16-Cheerios 10K and 5K, Covington, GA
May 7-Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K, Atlanta, GA

Well that's all I got so far. And luckily I have an awesome husband and daughter who get up and race with me or cheer me on in the wee hours of the morning :)

I once thought I could never run a mile...and I had a goal to finish a I'm attempting 13.1 miles...who would've thought???