Sunday, October 6, 2013

Look out Asheville...I'm running for you!

So many exciting things have happened lately that I don't know where to we will start at the beginning of the week :)

I am officially an Asheville Marathon Race Ambassador!!!!!  The race will be run on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate on March 16, 2014 (please please please hope I'm not on call that weekend).  For those that don't know this race will hold a special place in my heart for many reasons.  I lived in Asheville for 4 years...that is where me and Ty got our life started together...where Addie was born...where I started my running journey.  It was in Asheville that I decided to run my first 5k, and then decided to run a 5k a month...and then got this crazy idea to try a half marathon...and well it went downhill from there.  I volunteered at the old Kiwanis 15k at the Biltmore Estate a few years ago.  I used to live by the Biltmore Estate and yet never went to visit it.  Also I will get to visit several friends that I haven't seen in years.  And....since I am doing New York Marathon, Space Coast Marathon, DisneyWorld Marathon...if I add 2 more marathons (which I can easily do) I will move up a maniac star in Asheville!!!  So come run with me!!!!

For your chance to come run with me at the Asheville Marathon  check out the Mizuno  promotion and try to earn a free entry!!
2) Click on Community along the top and then Special Offers
3) Chances to win through facebook, twitter, and blogging!!!

I would wear the Mizuno Wave Rider shoes...wore them for the Disney half marathon last year :)

Remember to put my name in the referred by section to receive a special gift at packet pick up!!!!!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Set a goal and make it happen

I've been one to set lofty goals before....a half marathon....Goofy Challenge as my first marathon...marathon maniacs...I love a challenge.  I'm stubborn and like to push and see how far I can go.  Well it is time to take on a new challenge and I'm ready to throw it out there so you can follow along.    Augusta Half IronMan I come!!!  Yep I said it...I will conquer my fear of open water swimming...I will do 70.3 miles...and I will live to tell about it!  Please share any advice you have!!!!  My first tri will be in the spring...starting with a local sprint distance and will move up from there to get ready by September for Augusta.  Time to swim, bike, and run!!!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

A year old...and the best birthday ever!

First of all I have the greatest husband ever!!!  My amazing friends are a close second!  He put together a dinner of all us and then surprised me with presents!!  The last 2 years have been full of school and scraping by so presents are scarce but with less than a month to graduation he got me some surprises!!  It was definitely a "runner's birthday"...It started with.... jealous...the new RunDisney Ifitness running belt!!!  And before you ask I put it on and wore it during dinner :)  As amazing as this was....the next present....
Yep.....SPACE COAST REGISTRATION!!!!!  Told you I had the greatest husband ever :)

 And every runner needs fuel...especially now that I have 2 marathons in 30 days (not counting the half marathons).  And by the way...if you have not had Clif Builders in Chocolate Mint...they taste just like thin mints!!!!!  Not pictured are also 2 runDisney Princess shirts!!!  And a runDisney 13.1 magnet!!!
And not exactly running related but I got the Cubs Mickey Tervis!!!  I've wanted it for a long long time :)  I'm obviously excited about it :)