Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away!

Yesterday was the Strawberry Classic 15k in Tampa.  It was alright...very complicated course!!  But ran it with friends and that makes everything better :)

Today's run is brought to you by the letter R...R for Rain!  We all met at Fantasia Mini Golf to set out for our 5-10 mile run.  I had the munchkin in the stroller so I knew it would be slow.  The weather decided to complicate things and the wind kept blowing!  My knee starting acting up also but we made it to the beer stop at mile 4 on the Boardwalk.  The sky was looking ominous so we turned and decided to take the slightly shorter way back to the cars.  By the time we hit Jellyrolls the rain was coming down hard!  So we gathered under the awning and waited it out.  Once the rain let up a little bit we set out again on the adventure to get to the car...we made it as far as the Swan and again huddled under an awning.  We set out knee was tightening up so I kind of hobbled and let a friend push the stroller.  We finally made it to the parking lot, but said friend's Garmin was only at 4.6...and she doesn't like to stop on not full miles.  I put the munchkin in the car and another friend sat in the car with her while we ran around the parking the pouring rain..until we hit 5 miles.  Once I got in the car and started checking facebook I saw that there were tornado warnings and what not...hmm....glad we didn't end up in Oz!!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Anything is better than nothing!

So Tuesday's run was hot but awesome around downtown disney...
Yesterday's run was supposed to be split into 2 runs so I could get my miles in and study for my test.  I woke up to pouring down rain.  Studied all day and then went to sign up the munchkin for kindergarten.  I was planning on meeting friends at the Boardwalk to run 5 or 6 miles but because of the threatening rain they didn't want to drive down so I went home and started dinner.  I was pretty grouchy about not running, even the munchkin asked me if I had a nap...I took that as a reason to run.  The rain was on its way so I leashed up Harley and out the front door we went.  We only made it 2 miles before the rain hit.  I guess 2 miles is better than no miles.  This time last year if there was even a chance of rain I would have taken that as an excuse to not do anything.
Today I had a test in the morning and then planned on running after school.  Well I got out of school late and then hit traffic.  By the time I made it to the park by my house to do some hill work I was 30 minutes late to meet my running buddy.  Ty brought my clothes over so I didn't have to stop at home but I forgot my spandex.  My inner thighs don't appreciate that!!!  So here we are running hills at 5 in the afternoon in central Florida.  HOT!!!  So I called the quits at 3 miles...I guess 3 miles is better than no miles.  I need to keep reminding myself that this should be a recovery week since I had a great race on Sunday and not get fixated on a mile number...but...we'll see what the rest of the month holds!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dumbo Double Dare Training Commencing!

On Sunday I hit a major milestone...I broke 2:30 for a half marathon for the first time!  Official Finish time of Florida Halfathon at Ft deSoto beach was 2:26:46!!!  Holy cow...I have never run that fast in my life!!  It felt amazing.  I started this season's race schedule with the goal to break 2:45 so that I could have a time to submit to RunDisney, because let's face it and acknowledge it and love world revolves around runDisney!  Well I never thought I would hit 2:26!!!
I have also decided to start blogging again on my journey to the Inaugural runDisney Dumbo Double Dare!  I will be running a 10k on Saturday (with Ty for his first long run) and then a Half Marathon on Sunday!  This should be easy because it is half the distance of Goofy, but possibly just as hot!  I will earn my first Coast2Coast medal!!!!
So that everyone running along at home can follow along I will post the weeks workout on here and then update once or twice during the week.  At least 1 run a week will be done at Walt Disney World so that I can TrainatDisneytoRunDisney!  Reader's choice wins for location!!!  Today's run was at Downtown Disney.  It was hot but beautiful!!!
Runs for the rest of the week:
Wednesday: 4 miles in the morning and 5 miles in the evening (at Boardwalk)
Thursday: 4 miles
Friday: rest day
Saturday: Strawberry Classic 15k
Sunday: 5 miles