Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Streak is on..

Yesterday I got another 5 miles in between rain storms.  I was really hoping the rain would let me run outside because we all know I hate the treadmill!!!  Plus my garmin doesn't work on the treadmill so I don't think those runs count :)  I did 2:1 intervals last night and it was hot and muggy again but I did it.  I haven't done back to back runs in awhile plus I did 30 Day Shred yesterday...needless to say my legs were feeling it this morning!

Tonight's original goal was 6 miles to finish off my 50 for the month...however my legs had other plans.  Still very know the kind you can forget about until it is time to go to the know what I mean!  ouch!!  I knew I had to get a mile in and after beating myself up about not going to be able to do my six I convinced myself, with Ty's help, that a mile would be ok.  I do have tomorrow to still finish my 50.  I took Harley out and did an out and back down the street and did 1.5 miles.  It started out legs were heavy and my heart wasn't in it.  After the first quater mile I was feeling better so I decided I would try to run the whole mile.  I would have made it, but I couldn't decide if I wanted to cross the street or just turn around on the same side when I hit .75 so I took a brief break waiting for the crosswalk, then decided it was taking too long so I just turned around and kept running.  I made the mile and then ran/jogged the last half to get back home.

And the streak continues.....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I know I still owe some race reports but for now I will update on streaking.  No not that kind that you are thinking of....but from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Ty and I will be joining the Runner's World Running Streak.  We have vowed to run at least 1 mile a day from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  This is going to be hard but hopefully one mile will turn into more miles and we will keep on keeping on.  Last night I didn't think we would get it in, and it was the first day!  But the rain held off...I started with Harley and did a rough mile and decided I needed a pit stop (potty stop) so we headed home.  I was ready to call the quits because my mile was done (even though my real goal was 5) but when we walked in the door, Ty and Addie were about to head out to join me.  So I went back out with them and took Davidson...he lasted a lap.  After that lap, Ty took Davidson and Addie home...I did 2 more laps...and made my 5 mile goal!  It's true the hardest part is just getting out the door.  11 more miles to make my May goal of 50.
Today is raining again...I did Jillian Michaels Level 1 of 30 Day Shred this morning...and if I have to run in the rain tonight I'm ready for it.