Friday, November 16, 2012

Race Pictures

Race pictures from Tower of Terror Weekend, Halloween Halfathon, and Wine and Dine!!  They are all mixed up so see if you can match them to the right races :)

Wine and Dine weekend!

The busiest Saturday of all time!  The morning starts with Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5k through Animal Kingdom as a family.  It was awesome and Ty's foot didn't bother him.  Disney started holding the strollers back behind the walkers which I totally understand just wish we had known about it before hand and wouldn't have been prepared to run but would have been prepared to slowly walk.  After a mile they let  us go and we settled into having a fun run.  It was awesome!  We didn't get much time to hang out afterwards because we had to rush Addie to her first basketball game!  She did awesome!!!  We left early to get back in time for her kid race...which we missed :(  But the runDisney girls were so sweet and offered to run around the track with her.  She clammed up with shyness so instead they let her run just through the finish line and get her medal!  We met up with some friends for a few minutes and then headed home for a quick bite to eat.  Ty took Addie to a birthday party so I could get a nap in.
Next thing I know we are on our way back to Disney for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon!  I need to keep reminding myself that I need to take it easy and save my legs for Spacecoast marathon which is in 2 weeks.  I'm just going to have fun and get as many pictures as possible!
I meet up with friends from the Pacebook Running Group before hand and have a blast.  I stand in the longest port-o-potty line ever and sprint to the corral and work my way to my friends so we can start together.  The fireworks go off and away we go.  My shins start out tight again and my quad is struggling.  I start wondering if this was a good idea or if I should bail or pull out of Women's Half Marathon next weekend and then I see Goofy.  I get in the longest character line of the night and wait and stretch.  A few people before me and Goofy goes on break but Chip and Dale come out which is fine with me!  Get my picture and I'm off again.  I know Ty is waiting by the overpass by McDonald's so that gives me a boost to keep going.  The miles start going by and my legs are loosening up.  My overall pace is horrible but my pictures are awesome and I'm smiling the whole way!  I pass Ty and another one of our friends and run through Animal Kingdom and see them again on the way to Hollywood Studios.  I'm feeling great now conquering the overpasses and ramps like a champ!  I paused my Garmin for a picture at mile 7.6 with Goofy for real this time, and forgot to turn it back on until mile 8.  Oops :)  I run up hills that I have always walked before and feel awesome.  Through Hollywood Studios I go and once I reach the boardwalk my legs go into autopilot mode and I'm all set. A few more pictures and I get into Epcot.  Almost done now!  From mile 13 to the finish we run under a smoke screen all lit was pretty awesome!!!  Mickey and Minnie are at the finish line but on opposite sides...what's a girl to do?  Dart across runners like I'm playing frogger to get a picture with both obviously!  I finally cross the finish line with a giant smile on my face!!  My time was rough but that was definitely the most fun I had on a race in a long long time!!!  And that finished up my DisneyWorld runDisney 2012 sweep.  Thanks for an awesome year runDisney!!  See you at Marathon Weekend for Goofy 2013!!!

Running to a PR

I'm taking on the Florida Road Race Challenge!  A half marathon in October, December, January and March..complete all 4 and get a bonus medal!  I did the one in March last year and loved it so it is the same course as October so I'm ready to rock it!  We woke up early, too early and headed to Ft. de Soto beach for a wonderful 13.1 miles.  It was chillier than I was expecting, much colder than Tower of Terror and Addie was still sleeping in the car so I headed to the start line with my jacket on while Ty stayed in the car with her.  I would see him on the course to pass my jacket too as I warmed up.  By the way...I love my Brooks Utiopia jacket!  The race starts and we are off.  I want to stick to my intervals but no one around me seems to be doing the Galloway method and I don't want to stop to walk in front of anyone so I just keep running.  I see Ty up ahead and prepare to hand off my jacket.  My shins are bothering me a little bit and my quad is still iffy.  I'm questioning if I can finish around mile 2 and as I pass Ty come out of the out of the first little loop I'm struggling pretty hard.  However I get a boost as I pass the start line to go to the out and back...I just have to make it 5 miles to the turn around.  My shins are loosening up and I've settled into my intervals...did I just do a 5k faster than ever before but feeling awful? I sure did!!  My garmin is starting to act up so I grab Ty's watch as I pass him and shout that i'm going to break 3 hours!  As I pass mile 5 I am 7 minutes under my average!  What?!?  I'm rocking it!  Mile 8 and my time is what I usually do 7 miles in.  I hit the turn around and take an orange slice...delicious!  At mile 10 I'm 15 minutes under what I just did Tower of Terror 10 miler in.  I could walk the rest and still get a PR.  I slow down quite a bit for the next 3 miles because I'm heading into the wind and feel like I'm not moving at all.  At mile 12 I send Ty a text saying be ready to catch me at the finish because I feel like my legs are going to fall off.  He sees me turn the corner and tells me to go as he sees the clock...I might break 2:45.  I am willing my legs to go as fast as they can but they are dead!  I squeak out a little energy and do it...2:44!!!  I get my first time worthy of submitting to Disney :)  I took 14 minutes off my lifetime half marathon time and 19 minutes compared to this course last March.  We grab a quick bite to eat and Ty buys me my first medal hanger from Iron Sports Works.  My legs are sore but feel good.  It is amazing what training can do!!!  Next week is a week off then it is Wine and Dine time!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Race Season is here!!!

Where to begin because life has been so crazy with school, Addie, and training!  That's right...I said training!!  It is amazing what training can do and I love it!!

Disney's Tower of Terror 10-miler weekend was the end of September and it was amazing!  We started with the 5k in the morning, first 5k with just me and Ty and not the stroller :)  It was a loop around Wide World of Sports Complex through the woods and fields.  Because it went through the dark and scary woods, we had to wait for the sun to come up before it could start.  That made for a bit of standing around but then we were off!!  Ty did great as we did our 1:1 ratio.  Around mile 2 though he felt his plantar fascia pop so we hobbled to the end with smiles on :)  After the 5k we ran into Addie's school friend and his dad which also happens to be her teacher while waiting for the kid races to start.  Dear Disney...don't do the mile first!  The older kids have a much better tolerance at waiting than the little ones.  Addie started off great but then clammed up as people were cheering for her but once she saw Mickey she was off!  Almost tackled the mouse with the biggest smile on her face!  We went to a pizza/italian place by our house to get my race fuel for the night race.  Came home, took a nap, and before I knew it were back on our way to Disney for the 10-miler!  It was an awesome time waiting with friends for the pre-race celebrations.  I left Ty and headed for the corral with some friends...they had to stop and use the potties but I kept going to get a good start.  The fireworks went off and we so did we!  Ok...need to stick with my minutes..1 minute run, 1 minute 1walk.  Feeling good...turn around and take some pictures, turn and keep running.  I'm feeling awesome!!  1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile and we are at Animal Kingdom...really did I make it over the overpasses without dying??  Now I'm starting to get hot on the way to WWoS but its ok...I feel like I have wings on my feet! Turn into WWoS through the same trail through the woods that we did in the morning but this time in the dark!  I'm bob and weave through people on my runs and stop and talk to people during the walk.  Still having a blast but getting hot.  Ty is just after mile 6, I just have to make it around Champion Stadium and then I'll get my boost when I see him.  I get chills going through Champion Stadium, almost as cool as turning down Main Street!  As I pass Ty I toss him my I really so hot that I am now running in just my sports bra...OMG...yes!  I get my second wind and I'm off...see you at the finish line babe!  Mile 7, 8, 9...did I really just past mile 9??  That means only 1 mile to go.  That mile seemed to take forever!  But I got my best time ever 2:15!!  I felt great after the race which is pretty remarkable compared to how others felt.  Ty's foot was pretty sore so I got my Mickey Ice Cream and we headed home after a great night!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekly Workout

Maybe by posting my weekly plans 1) my training schedule won't look so daunting as when I look at the whole calendar and 2) I will be more accountable

Last week started out awesomely with DisneyRunFest2012.  I have started trying to break out my bubble and meet people and what better way than to connect with other fellow runDisney lovers!  So I met 4 other people from facebook/twitter and ran 4.5 miles around the Seven Seas Lagoon!  I had never run that path and always wanted to try it.  Definitely going to add it into the rotation!!  However..with several good runs during the week I let life and sleep get in the way of my long run so it has been postponed.

So here is the schedule for this week:
Monday: 4 miles with 6 week 6 pack
Tuesday: 4 miles with 30 Day Shred
Wednesday: 6 week 6 pack
Thursday: 10 miles (what better way to celebrate a new decade of your life!!)
Friday: 30 Day Shred
Saturday: 6x800 in the morning and a shorter run in the evening
Sunday: 30 Day Shred and 6 week 6 pack (maybe)

Feel free to follow along and add your own work out plans.  It is time to step it up as fall race season is quickly approaching!  10 weeks until Tower of Terror 10 miler!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Days 8 and 9

Yesterday was day 8 of the streak and consisted of 2.5 miles and taking my friend out for her first run ever!  She asked me to help her to do C25K.  She has never run before and made it a mile with quite a bit of walking but that is better than nothing!  I did an extra mile after that :)

Today I decided that I would try the Jeff Galloway Time Improvement Plan for Tower of Terror 10 miler.  Although I'm a week behind, last weeks long was only 4 miles and I did that :)  Today's schedule called for 45 minutes.  I did a 2:1 ratio and completed 3.3 miles in 45 minutes in the rain.  Not too bad I guess.

Tomorrow is a technical race day but I will be do day 2 of C25K with V-ron :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spandex not optional

Today was perfect!!  Spent the day at the beach with my little family...playing in the sand and splashing in the waves.  I was completely exhausted when we got home.  Originally I was planning on running 5-8 miles but I could have gone to bed for the night at 5 o'clock!  I decided I had to keep my streak mile so I threw on my shoes and did a quick mile.  I didn't bother putting on spandex under my I remember why I always wear spandex..if only my inner thighs would shrink :)  I got my mile in though, 12:00 on the nose.
I packed my school bag for the first time in 3 weeks...can't believe classes are starting up again tomorrow!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I forgot!

I forgot the best part of my run today...while doing 2:1 intervals...I looked down during one of the run portions and I knew I felt like I was flying...I was doing an 8:30 pace...and it didn't feel too bad!  If I can keep that up I'll be flying for Tower of Terror 10 miler :)

Yay for no bounce!

I got a new sports bra!!!  A Nike High Impact Drifit cute blue one.  It is super comfortable and supportive...almost forgot I was wearing it.  Yes it is that comfortable!!!  I think I will be buying more tomorrow.  I didn't want to get more than one until I tried it out.
Streak update:  I did 1.5 miles today.  I was planning on more but by the time we got home from grocery shopping it was 7:30, by the time groceries were put away it was 8:00.  I decided to go run while Ty and Addie ate dinner.  After a mile I realized that I was extremely hungry as well...and so was Harley.  So after the 10th time that he stopped to eat some grass I decided we should go home and have dinner as well :)

And.....I bit the bullet and finally registered for 2 more races today.  Wine and Dine Half Marathon and Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge!!!  So excited to not have to stalk and monitor the fill percentage.  I'm in!  I have committed to another 39.3 mile conquest in 2 days.  I have officially lost my mind.  I put in the Goofy training schedule onto my calendar last night.  It is going to be hard but I'll be ready!

Friday, June 1, 2012

I streaked...twice...

Yesterday was a double streaker kind of day.  I set out in the morning to try and get some miles in so that I didn't have to stress about getting the miles in at running club.  Well....I had some problems...some sports bra problems...apparently it is time for new ones.  I think I am down to 2 bras that I can run in without bouncing all around.  Needless to say my run didn't happen...I walked Harley for a mile though to make sure that the streak continued.
Running club was last night as well so we all went, Ty, Addie, and myself.  It looked like the skies were going to unleash on us so I was hoping I could get my four miles in.  I double backed a few loops of the parking lot and would then catch up to Ty and Addie again.  Around mile three every one else was finishing and I was ready to give up and just not make my 50 miles for the month.  Not sure why I was so scared of finishing after everyone.  It was the words of a 4 year old that made me finish.  Addie looked up from the stroller and said "Never give up mommy".  How could I not finish after that.  Thanks to Ty and Addie not letting myself I give up...I did it...I finished way after every one else but they waited for me and so did the two workers of Fit2Run.  I made my 50 miles for May!  Now if only I could keep the running pattern I had for the last week...28 miles in 7 days...and I wouldn't have to worry about getting my miles in on the last day :)

I'll combine today's streak post also.  I was only going to take Harley on my mile run (rest day) but Davidson looked so sad so I leashed him up also and decided I would attempt to run with both dogs.  Big mistake!!  At least they got a nice mile walk out of it and my streak continues!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Streak is on..

Yesterday I got another 5 miles in between rain storms.  I was really hoping the rain would let me run outside because we all know I hate the treadmill!!!  Plus my garmin doesn't work on the treadmill so I don't think those runs count :)  I did 2:1 intervals last night and it was hot and muggy again but I did it.  I haven't done back to back runs in awhile plus I did 30 Day Shred yesterday...needless to say my legs were feeling it this morning!

Tonight's original goal was 6 miles to finish off my 50 for the month...however my legs had other plans.  Still very know the kind you can forget about until it is time to go to the know what I mean!  ouch!!  I knew I had to get a mile in and after beating myself up about not going to be able to do my six I convinced myself, with Ty's help, that a mile would be ok.  I do have tomorrow to still finish my 50.  I took Harley out and did an out and back down the street and did 1.5 miles.  It started out legs were heavy and my heart wasn't in it.  After the first quater mile I was feeling better so I decided I would try to run the whole mile.  I would have made it, but I couldn't decide if I wanted to cross the street or just turn around on the same side when I hit .75 so I took a brief break waiting for the crosswalk, then decided it was taking too long so I just turned around and kept running.  I made the mile and then ran/jogged the last half to get back home.

And the streak continues.....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I know I still owe some race reports but for now I will update on streaking.  No not that kind that you are thinking of....but from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Ty and I will be joining the Runner's World Running Streak.  We have vowed to run at least 1 mile a day from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  This is going to be hard but hopefully one mile will turn into more miles and we will keep on keeping on.  Last night I didn't think we would get it in, and it was the first day!  But the rain held off...I started with Harley and did a rough mile and decided I needed a pit stop (potty stop) so we headed home.  I was ready to call the quits because my mile was done (even though my real goal was 5) but when we walked in the door, Ty and Addie were about to head out to join me.  So I went back out with them and took Davidson...he lasted a lap.  After that lap, Ty took Davidson and Addie home...I did 2 more laps...and made my 5 mile goal!  It's true the hardest part is just getting out the door.  11 more miles to make my May goal of 50.
Today is raining again...I did Jillian Michaels Level 1 of 30 Day Shred this morning...and if I have to run in the rain tonight I'm ready for it.

Monday, April 30, 2012

April Wrap Up

Speed work and a half marathon..keep up the goal of 50.  I started doing speed work this month and now find it hard to run at a constant pace..I want to keep doing intervals all the time!  Me and Ty also started going to a running club on Thursday.  It is fun to run together and talk about our week :)  All in all...a good month...maybe not mileage wise as I barely made my 50...but I'm mentally a stronger runner after this month of training.
Next up...Everest Challenge on May 5th and then Historic Half on May 20!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Iron Girl Half Marathon

Through wind and rain, bridges and hills...I PR'd!!!  Today was half marathon number 5 of the year..keeping on track to 12 in 2012.  The weekend started by heading towards Tampa to pick up my oldest friend from the airport.  We were earlier and she was delayed so we went to packet pick up first.  Packet pick up was at Pier 60 in Clearwater, FL.  WOW!!  A small expo was set up and packet pick up was a breeze.  Addie and Ty made a cheer sign (one day I'm going to have enough to cover a motivation wall)...I was able to get a new thing of body glide since I couldn't find it while we were packing.  Also got an Iron Girl bright pink bondi band to wear for the race.  Packet pick up and the expo were set up near where the finish line was going to be tomorrow.  I was worried since it was a point-to-point race how much I would be able to see my cheerers along the course but was glad there was a huge park at the finish line in case they had to kill time waiting for me.  We didn't stay too long because it was time to head to the airport to get Aindrea!  Picked her up and talked all through lunch...fabulous crab cake sandwiches were had by all at Crabby Bills :)  The rain had started so we dropped her at her hotel after many laughs and headed to find our hotel and start settling into pre-race mode.

Found our Hampton Inn exceeded expectations!  Addie was still coughing and had now started wheezing so we gave her a nebulizer treatment in the hotel room.  She responded to the albuterol as expected...could breath but was crazy and hyper as all get out!!  I fell asleep for about an hour while Ty handled her.  To burn off some of her energy we took her down to the pool...luckily it was heated.  It was pretty chilly thanks to the rain.  We changed clothes and decided to venture out to find some food.  We headed down to the beach and walked around on the sand.  Took some pictures :)  Grabbed some quick food because Addie was still being crazy and headed back to the hotel to settle down for the night.  Alarms are set for 5...time for sleep!
Didn't sleep well...kept thinking that I was going to oversleep and miss the race.  Wake up call rang at 5:00 am on the dot and my cell phone alarm went off at 5:10..snoozed to 5:20.  Quick shower and got ready.  Packed the bags.  Free breakfast at the hotel but as usual I couldn't eat anything...managed to get down half a banana and a muffin top and headed to the race!
Ty and Addie dropped me off and wiggled my way into the corral.  I found the 2:45 pacers and joined the group.  Not sure if I could keep up with them but I was going to try!  And we are off!!!  No one told me the course starts with a small uphill...but I was holding on to around an 11:00min/mile pace...awesome!  Turned the corner and ran to give Addie a kiss and fell into a nice groove with the pacer, Judy.  She asked if I was feeling alright because were actually ahead of pace and I was feeling great.  One mile...two mile...three mile...took 2 minutes off my 5K time!  And then the hills started...I had already told myself I was going to walk up the bridges and down the bridges...but what about the hills I didn't know about...guess I should follow the same strategy.  It seemed to be working.  I was ahead of the pacers for now...and started doing a 2min/1 min run/walk ratio to get a little break until about mile 5.  The pacers passed me at mile 5 and I knew I wouldn't catch shin was starting to hurt as was my quad but I was still going.  I saw Ty around mile 6.5 and he gave me gatorade and my visor because the rain was coming.  He is by far the best race hubby ever!!!  Turned the corner...and bam!  The first bridge.
7 mile marker was at the bottom of the bridge...7.5 was about the top of the bridge...8 miles was the end of the bridge...I got my second wind as I remembered girl scout cookies were at the next water stop.  Mile 8 came and went...cookies were enjoyed...mile 9 came and went...and now I hit the wall.  4 miles to go...I can do it...I have an hour to do the next 4 miles to make a PR :)  And it would take me almost the whole hour.  The pouring rain started around mile 10.5 and continued to mile 11.5 (which was the top of another bridge...slightly steeper than the first).  Coming down the bridge the wind really picked up...I really thought I was running sideways for the last mile.  But did you hear that...40 sec to make it under 3 hours gun time and I am about 3 minutes after gun time for chip time...last sprint to the finish and I did it!  I broke three hours!!  Official time 2:57:47!!!!
I think I will take tomorrow off and get back to it on Tuesday for some more speedwork before Historic Half :)  I will break 2:45 before Marathon weekend...who knows maybe even 2:30.....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

check it out!

check it out!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Wow...didn't realize that I haven't updated since Space Coast!!!  So much has happened since much that it can't possibly fit into one post.  In summary...I completed the Goofy Challenge and will do it again next year...I ran Princess Half Marathon again and PR'd...yesterday ran the inaugural Swamphouse Half Marathon!  Not my best race time...but had blast on the course with the bling ho's :)  Each race will get their own write ups in due time.

But for now I have decided to combine my two and running.  I love to cook and I run to eat so I will start incorporating what I'm cooking/eating into this blog as well.

Yesterday I think I decided that Golden Corral may be my new favorite post race food....mmm...big salad, 2 pieces of steak and fried okra never tasted so good.
Dinner consisted of cheeseburger pizza..a personal favorite.  How can you go wrong with combining cheeseburger (yum) and pizza (double yum)!
Tonight will be Turkey Tetrazzini before we head out to explore the new Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom!  Have I mentioned lately that I love living only 20 minutes from my favorite place!!!  Time to cook!