Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Oh my gosh...there are so many happy running thoughts going through my head that I don't know where to start.  I am finally back at the point where running is fun...wow...didn't think I would ever get back to that.  I love it!  I made it throught 5 miles on Sunday...it was amazing!!!  I probably walked half a mile but I don't care...I did it!  I completed almost the fastest 2 miles of my life tonight.  Would have been faster but I don't know who stopped more...Harley to pee....or me to tie my shoes.  Any ideas on how to keep my shoes tied would be much appreciated!!
I made it to the green level on nike running.  I kind of miss my orange page but the green rocks also! 
The Apple Festival 8K in Hendersonville is quickly approaching this weekend...YIKES!  I hope I can run the whole thing but I will be happy as long as I finish and hopefully don't come in last. :-)
The KP 5K is Sept 16...Ty is running with me...I love that!!!  and the theme for the Resurgens tent is......JIMMY BUFFETT!!!!  Have I told you lately that I absolutely love Atlanta. 
There are sooo many races coming up that I can't decide which to do.
Oct 2: Lake Spive 15K/5K
Oct 16:  Run for the Cubs 5K
Oct 23: Race for the Cure in Macon and Goblin Gallop in McDonough (is running two races in one too much)
November 13: Undy 5000.

I'm also going to do the Disney Princess Half Marathon at the end of February!!  I'm super excited to not only do my first half marathon...but to do it at Disney World....and take Addie to Disney for the first time!!  It's going to be our first real family vacation :-)

Follow my progress as I train for it.  Today was 2 miles, Thursday is 3 miles, Saturday is the 8K.  I'll try to update before the 8K but definately after!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Its official...I am registered for the Apple Festival 8K on September 4. This will be my longest race ever. Going to try to run 4 miles tomorrow morning...I think if I can do that I can make it 5 miles. I hope. And my new running shoes should be coming in the mail soon. I'm curious to see if I like them and will run in them or keep running in my handy dandy under armour ones. I am also only 14 miles away from the next color (green) on nikerunning.com. I am starting to enjoy running again which probably means the weather is about to turn for the worst. That will make me sad. I really look forward to coming home, eating dinner, putting Addie to bed, and going for a run. Although I need to figure out the dinner part. I am waaaaay too hungry to run right after work...but after eating dinner I am too full to run. Hmm...must try different things :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time to get moving

So...it is time to start running again. I have an 8K in 3 weeks and a 5K in mid September. I struggled through running a "5K" last week and barely made it through 3K today. I really need to get more motivated to run every day. I'm sure it will come just need the extra push to the end. Is it bad that I wanted to do a race a month and the first one of the year will be in September??? Oh well....
On a positive note though...the little amount of running that I am doing seems to have made my bridesmaid's dress fit a little better in the tummy section :)

Hopefully tomorrows run will go better...I think the goal will be 2.5 miles....