Wednesday, March 14, 2012

check it out!

check it out!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Wow...didn't realize that I haven't updated since Space Coast!!!  So much has happened since much that it can't possibly fit into one post.  In summary...I completed the Goofy Challenge and will do it again next year...I ran Princess Half Marathon again and PR'd...yesterday ran the inaugural Swamphouse Half Marathon!  Not my best race time...but had blast on the course with the bling ho's :)  Each race will get their own write ups in due time.

But for now I have decided to combine my two and running.  I love to cook and I run to eat so I will start incorporating what I'm cooking/eating into this blog as well.

Yesterday I think I decided that Golden Corral may be my new favorite post race food....mmm...big salad, 2 pieces of steak and fried okra never tasted so good.
Dinner consisted of cheeseburger pizza..a personal favorite.  How can you go wrong with combining cheeseburger (yum) and pizza (double yum)!
Tonight will be Turkey Tetrazzini before we head out to explore the new Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom!  Have I mentioned lately that I love living only 20 minutes from my favorite place!!!  Time to cook!