Thursday, March 11, 2010

Run for Paws

March 28 1:30pm @ Fletcher Park. 5K to support non-kill shelter for all furry friends. I got my running buddy at a no-kill shelter and Vegas and although he eats things and takes the whole bed I wouldn't trade him for the world. I'll be running for Harley and to give another family the chance for the best pet ever! I'm running for Davidson too...but he came from the store :) Register on $25
Oh yeah...and I know for some of you 100 miles is a drop in hat (Kristin) but for someone who had never run and usually cheated when I did more than a mile this will be quite the accomplishment :)
So I realize it is March and I haven't blogged at all since I started this thing....but it has not snowed this week!!! So I finally got out and ran Monday and Tuesday. Monday felt pretty good, a little tiring and went somewhere between 1.6 and 2 miles (my phone said 1.6 and my ipod said 2 miles) I pick 2 miles :) Wednesday was more of a struggle...trying to get my running legs back...had to walk some but finished a whole lap at Carrier Park. Hopefully I can get back into it and build up my endurance faster than when I first started running. Although I do feel that I have lost everything, since I have not run since the Turkey Trot.
Also, because of the snow I have fallen behind on my one race a month goal, but I have one scheduled for the end of March and.......just signed up for a 15K at the Biltmore Estate. If you had asked me to run 9.3 miles at this time last year, I would have laughed in your face. But now I had to pull strings to get into the race because it was full and I really want to do it. This is the last year that the Biltmore Race will take place. I am really excited because the entire course is on the Biltmore Estate and you run right past the house and start and finish at the winery. Any race that involves a winery can't be bad. Must step up the training though.
So Park Ridge Hospital, my employer, is celebrating its 100 year birthday today and has asked all employees to committ to 100. It can be 100 anything. I have decided that this year I will run 100 miles, maybe my running can inspire someone else to run and then someone else, and perhaps if more people start being active the obesity level, and specifically childhood obesity will begin to decrease. If anyone wants to help me run 100 miles, I plan to run Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 12:00ish, usually starting at Carrier Park, at least until May. And I am always taking donations for races, especially in the fall when I will start running the Race for the Cure races :)