Monday, July 29, 2013

A year old...and the best birthday ever!

First of all I have the greatest husband ever!!!  My amazing friends are a close second!  He put together a dinner of all us and then surprised me with presents!!  The last 2 years have been full of school and scraping by so presents are scarce but with less than a month to graduation he got me some surprises!!  It was definitely a "runner's birthday"...It started with.... jealous...the new RunDisney Ifitness running belt!!!  And before you ask I put it on and wore it during dinner :)  As amazing as this was....the next present....
Yep.....SPACE COAST REGISTRATION!!!!!  Told you I had the greatest husband ever :)

 And every runner needs fuel...especially now that I have 2 marathons in 30 days (not counting the half marathons).  And by the way...if you have not had Clif Builders in Chocolate Mint...they taste just like thin mints!!!!!  Not pictured are also 2 runDisney Princess shirts!!!  And a runDisney 13.1 magnet!!!
And not exactly running related but I got the Cubs Mickey Tervis!!!  I've wanted it for a long long time :)  I'm obviously excited about it :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Back in the groove

Well it has been a while...I took 2 weeks off and came back sluggish and not feeling in the groove.  But ....I'm back!!  My last 3 runs have felt awesome and I am looking forward to running again :)  I have missed it and glad I don't feel completely crazy about my upcoming schedule and training.  I tried to add some swimming in for cross training but have gotten rained out every day that I am supposed to go.  I guess that is a pitfall of living in Florida during storm season!

I'll update more later about the latest Disney routes and a new one I did in Celebration which was tons of fun!