Friday, November 16, 2012

Race Pictures

Race pictures from Tower of Terror Weekend, Halloween Halfathon, and Wine and Dine!!  They are all mixed up so see if you can match them to the right races :)

Wine and Dine weekend!

The busiest Saturday of all time!  The morning starts with Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5k through Animal Kingdom as a family.  It was awesome and Ty's foot didn't bother him.  Disney started holding the strollers back behind the walkers which I totally understand just wish we had known about it before hand and wouldn't have been prepared to run but would have been prepared to slowly walk.  After a mile they let  us go and we settled into having a fun run.  It was awesome!  We didn't get much time to hang out afterwards because we had to rush Addie to her first basketball game!  She did awesome!!!  We left early to get back in time for her kid race...which we missed :(  But the runDisney girls were so sweet and offered to run around the track with her.  She clammed up with shyness so instead they let her run just through the finish line and get her medal!  We met up with some friends for a few minutes and then headed home for a quick bite to eat.  Ty took Addie to a birthday party so I could get a nap in.
Next thing I know we are on our way back to Disney for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon!  I need to keep reminding myself that I need to take it easy and save my legs for Spacecoast marathon which is in 2 weeks.  I'm just going to have fun and get as many pictures as possible!
I meet up with friends from the Pacebook Running Group before hand and have a blast.  I stand in the longest port-o-potty line ever and sprint to the corral and work my way to my friends so we can start together.  The fireworks go off and away we go.  My shins start out tight again and my quad is struggling.  I start wondering if this was a good idea or if I should bail or pull out of Women's Half Marathon next weekend and then I see Goofy.  I get in the longest character line of the night and wait and stretch.  A few people before me and Goofy goes on break but Chip and Dale come out which is fine with me!  Get my picture and I'm off again.  I know Ty is waiting by the overpass by McDonald's so that gives me a boost to keep going.  The miles start going by and my legs are loosening up.  My overall pace is horrible but my pictures are awesome and I'm smiling the whole way!  I pass Ty and another one of our friends and run through Animal Kingdom and see them again on the way to Hollywood Studios.  I'm feeling great now conquering the overpasses and ramps like a champ!  I paused my Garmin for a picture at mile 7.6 with Goofy for real this time, and forgot to turn it back on until mile 8.  Oops :)  I run up hills that I have always walked before and feel awesome.  Through Hollywood Studios I go and once I reach the boardwalk my legs go into autopilot mode and I'm all set. A few more pictures and I get into Epcot.  Almost done now!  From mile 13 to the finish we run under a smoke screen all lit was pretty awesome!!!  Mickey and Minnie are at the finish line but on opposite sides...what's a girl to do?  Dart across runners like I'm playing frogger to get a picture with both obviously!  I finally cross the finish line with a giant smile on my face!!  My time was rough but that was definitely the most fun I had on a race in a long long time!!!  And that finished up my DisneyWorld runDisney 2012 sweep.  Thanks for an awesome year runDisney!!  See you at Marathon Weekend for Goofy 2013!!!

Running to a PR

I'm taking on the Florida Road Race Challenge!  A half marathon in October, December, January and March..complete all 4 and get a bonus medal!  I did the one in March last year and loved it so it is the same course as October so I'm ready to rock it!  We woke up early, too early and headed to Ft. de Soto beach for a wonderful 13.1 miles.  It was chillier than I was expecting, much colder than Tower of Terror and Addie was still sleeping in the car so I headed to the start line with my jacket on while Ty stayed in the car with her.  I would see him on the course to pass my jacket too as I warmed up.  By the way...I love my Brooks Utiopia jacket!  The race starts and we are off.  I want to stick to my intervals but no one around me seems to be doing the Galloway method and I don't want to stop to walk in front of anyone so I just keep running.  I see Ty up ahead and prepare to hand off my jacket.  My shins are bothering me a little bit and my quad is still iffy.  I'm questioning if I can finish around mile 2 and as I pass Ty come out of the out of the first little loop I'm struggling pretty hard.  However I get a boost as I pass the start line to go to the out and back...I just have to make it 5 miles to the turn around.  My shins are loosening up and I've settled into my intervals...did I just do a 5k faster than ever before but feeling awful? I sure did!!  My garmin is starting to act up so I grab Ty's watch as I pass him and shout that i'm going to break 3 hours!  As I pass mile 5 I am 7 minutes under my average!  What?!?  I'm rocking it!  Mile 8 and my time is what I usually do 7 miles in.  I hit the turn around and take an orange slice...delicious!  At mile 10 I'm 15 minutes under what I just did Tower of Terror 10 miler in.  I could walk the rest and still get a PR.  I slow down quite a bit for the next 3 miles because I'm heading into the wind and feel like I'm not moving at all.  At mile 12 I send Ty a text saying be ready to catch me at the finish because I feel like my legs are going to fall off.  He sees me turn the corner and tells me to go as he sees the clock...I might break 2:45.  I am willing my legs to go as fast as they can but they are dead!  I squeak out a little energy and do it...2:44!!!  I get my first time worthy of submitting to Disney :)  I took 14 minutes off my lifetime half marathon time and 19 minutes compared to this course last March.  We grab a quick bite to eat and Ty buys me my first medal hanger from Iron Sports Works.  My legs are sore but feel good.  It is amazing what training can do!!!  Next week is a week off then it is Wine and Dine time!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Race Season is here!!!

Where to begin because life has been so crazy with school, Addie, and training!  That's right...I said training!!  It is amazing what training can do and I love it!!

Disney's Tower of Terror 10-miler weekend was the end of September and it was amazing!  We started with the 5k in the morning, first 5k with just me and Ty and not the stroller :)  It was a loop around Wide World of Sports Complex through the woods and fields.  Because it went through the dark and scary woods, we had to wait for the sun to come up before it could start.  That made for a bit of standing around but then we were off!!  Ty did great as we did our 1:1 ratio.  Around mile 2 though he felt his plantar fascia pop so we hobbled to the end with smiles on :)  After the 5k we ran into Addie's school friend and his dad which also happens to be her teacher while waiting for the kid races to start.  Dear Disney...don't do the mile first!  The older kids have a much better tolerance at waiting than the little ones.  Addie started off great but then clammed up as people were cheering for her but once she saw Mickey she was off!  Almost tackled the mouse with the biggest smile on her face!  We went to a pizza/italian place by our house to get my race fuel for the night race.  Came home, took a nap, and before I knew it were back on our way to Disney for the 10-miler!  It was an awesome time waiting with friends for the pre-race celebrations.  I left Ty and headed for the corral with some friends...they had to stop and use the potties but I kept going to get a good start.  The fireworks went off and we so did we!  Ok...need to stick with my minutes..1 minute run, 1 minute 1walk.  Feeling good...turn around and take some pictures, turn and keep running.  I'm feeling awesome!!  1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile and we are at Animal Kingdom...really did I make it over the overpasses without dying??  Now I'm starting to get hot on the way to WWoS but its ok...I feel like I have wings on my feet! Turn into WWoS through the same trail through the woods that we did in the morning but this time in the dark!  I'm bob and weave through people on my runs and stop and talk to people during the walk.  Still having a blast but getting hot.  Ty is just after mile 6, I just have to make it around Champion Stadium and then I'll get my boost when I see him.  I get chills going through Champion Stadium, almost as cool as turning down Main Street!  As I pass Ty I toss him my I really so hot that I am now running in just my sports bra...OMG...yes!  I get my second wind and I'm off...see you at the finish line babe!  Mile 7, 8, 9...did I really just past mile 9??  That means only 1 mile to go.  That mile seemed to take forever!  But I got my best time ever 2:15!!  I felt great after the race which is pretty remarkable compared to how others felt.  Ty's foot was pretty sore so I got my Mickey Ice Cream and we headed home after a great night!