Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Race Season is here!!!

Where to begin because life has been so crazy with school, Addie, and training!  That's right...I said training!!  It is amazing what training can do and I love it!!

Disney's Tower of Terror 10-miler weekend was the end of September and it was amazing!  We started with the 5k in the morning, first 5k with just me and Ty and not the stroller :)  It was a loop around Wide World of Sports Complex through the woods and fields.  Because it went through the dark and scary woods, we had to wait for the sun to come up before it could start.  That made for a bit of standing around but then we were off!!  Ty did great as we did our 1:1 ratio.  Around mile 2 though he felt his plantar fascia pop so we hobbled to the end with smiles on :)  After the 5k we ran into Addie's school friend and his dad which also happens to be her teacher while waiting for the kid races to start.  Dear Disney...don't do the mile first!  The older kids have a much better tolerance at waiting than the little ones.  Addie started off great but then clammed up as people were cheering for her but once she saw Mickey she was off!  Almost tackled the mouse with the biggest smile on her face!  We went to a pizza/italian place by our house to get my race fuel for the night race.  Came home, took a nap, and before I knew it were back on our way to Disney for the 10-miler!  It was an awesome time waiting with friends for the pre-race celebrations.  I left Ty and headed for the corral with some friends...they had to stop and use the potties but I kept going to get a good start.  The fireworks went off and we so did we!  Ok...need to stick with my minutes..1 minute run, 1 minute 1walk.  Feeling good...turn around and take some pictures, turn and keep running.  I'm feeling awesome!!  1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile and we are at Animal Kingdom...really did I make it over the overpasses without dying??  Now I'm starting to get hot on the way to WWoS but its ok...I feel like I have wings on my feet! Turn into WWoS through the same trail through the woods that we did in the morning but this time in the dark!  I'm bob and weave through people on my runs and stop and talk to people during the walk.  Still having a blast but getting hot.  Ty is just after mile 6, I just have to make it around Champion Stadium and then I'll get my boost when I see him.  I get chills going through Champion Stadium, almost as cool as turning down Main Street!  As I pass Ty I toss him my I really so hot that I am now running in just my sports bra...OMG...yes!  I get my second wind and I'm off...see you at the finish line babe!  Mile 7, 8, 9...did I really just past mile 9??  That means only 1 mile to go.  That mile seemed to take forever!  But I got my best time ever 2:15!!  I felt great after the race which is pretty remarkable compared to how others felt.  Ty's foot was pretty sore so I got my Mickey Ice Cream and we headed home after a great night!

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