Friday, August 20, 2010


Its official...I am registered for the Apple Festival 8K on September 4. This will be my longest race ever. Going to try to run 4 miles tomorrow morning...I think if I can do that I can make it 5 miles. I hope. And my new running shoes should be coming in the mail soon. I'm curious to see if I like them and will run in them or keep running in my handy dandy under armour ones. I am also only 14 miles away from the next color (green) on I am starting to enjoy running again which probably means the weather is about to turn for the worst. That will make me sad. I really look forward to coming home, eating dinner, putting Addie to bed, and going for a run. Although I need to figure out the dinner part. I am waaaaay too hungry to run right after work...but after eating dinner I am too full to run. Hmm...must try different things :)

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