Friday, June 1, 2012

I streaked...twice...

Yesterday was a double streaker kind of day.  I set out in the morning to try and get some miles in so that I didn't have to stress about getting the miles in at running club.  Well....I had some problems...some sports bra problems...apparently it is time for new ones.  I think I am down to 2 bras that I can run in without bouncing all around.  Needless to say my run didn't happen...I walked Harley for a mile though to make sure that the streak continued.
Running club was last night as well so we all went, Ty, Addie, and myself.  It looked like the skies were going to unleash on us so I was hoping I could get my four miles in.  I double backed a few loops of the parking lot and would then catch up to Ty and Addie again.  Around mile three every one else was finishing and I was ready to give up and just not make my 50 miles for the month.  Not sure why I was so scared of finishing after everyone.  It was the words of a 4 year old that made me finish.  Addie looked up from the stroller and said "Never give up mommy".  How could I not finish after that.  Thanks to Ty and Addie not letting myself I give up...I did it...I finished way after every one else but they waited for me and so did the two workers of Fit2Run.  I made my 50 miles for May!  Now if only I could keep the running pattern I had for the last week...28 miles in 7 days...and I wouldn't have to worry about getting my miles in on the last day :)

I'll combine today's streak post also.  I was only going to take Harley on my mile run (rest day) but Davidson looked so sad so I leashed him up also and decided I would attempt to run with both dogs.  Big mistake!!  At least they got a nice mile walk out of it and my streak continues!

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