Thursday, March 21, 2013

Anything is better than nothing!

So Tuesday's run was hot but awesome around downtown disney...
Yesterday's run was supposed to be split into 2 runs so I could get my miles in and study for my test.  I woke up to pouring down rain.  Studied all day and then went to sign up the munchkin for kindergarten.  I was planning on meeting friends at the Boardwalk to run 5 or 6 miles but because of the threatening rain they didn't want to drive down so I went home and started dinner.  I was pretty grouchy about not running, even the munchkin asked me if I had a nap...I took that as a reason to run.  The rain was on its way so I leashed up Harley and out the front door we went.  We only made it 2 miles before the rain hit.  I guess 2 miles is better than no miles.  This time last year if there was even a chance of rain I would have taken that as an excuse to not do anything.
Today I had a test in the morning and then planned on running after school.  Well I got out of school late and then hit traffic.  By the time I made it to the park by my house to do some hill work I was 30 minutes late to meet my running buddy.  Ty brought my clothes over so I didn't have to stop at home but I forgot my spandex.  My inner thighs don't appreciate that!!!  So here we are running hills at 5 in the afternoon in central Florida.  HOT!!!  So I called the quits at 3 miles...I guess 3 miles is better than no miles.  I need to keep reminding myself that this should be a recovery week since I had a great race on Sunday and not get fixated on a mile number...but...we'll see what the rest of the month holds!

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