Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why do bad runs happen?

So yesterday I was all pumped up to do my first back to back long run weekends.  I woke up, ate some toast, put on my running clothes, leashed up my dog...went outside....and.....
It was raining.......
Normally I would turn around head back inside but I was determined....I only lasted 2.5 miles but at least it was something.  I couldn't find a rhythm...couldn't get into...the whole time I just wanted to go home and give up.
Today...I slightly redeemed myself...I waited for Ty to get home.  He was later than expected because of traffic so it was darker than I would have liked...but I was determined to go.  So I leashed up Harley and out the door we went.  The next thing I know I ran 5 miles without stopping to walk!!  Only stopping for Harley to do his thing...I don't know if I have ever run that far without stopping to walk at all.  I walked .1 miles and then ran the next .9 to finish off 6 miles.
Topped it off with a piece of chocolate pudding pie :)

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  1. Well the chocolate pudding pie would have had me!!!! Good Luck with the goofy!