Monday, October 31, 2011

Just me and my dog and the road

When I lace up my shoes, and leash up Harley and head out the is just me and him.  He doesn't judge my running style, if my clothes match, if I'm walking or running.  He is just happy to be out there and trying to catch the occasional frog without me looking...I mean really what dog tries to eat a frog?!?  Harley dog...that's who.
He is happy whether we go out for 2 miles or 6...although anything longer he isn't so happy, but is a happy tired doggy.
The road doesn't doesn't care how I look or what I think about when I'm running.  It is just happy to have someone on it.  It doesn't care if I'm figuring out different pathologies in my head, or singing along with my ipod.  It doesn't care what I wear or if I'm having a bad day.  It is just there waiting.
Some days I feel as though the road and Harley are all I have, besides my family of course...nothing can replace them :)  But the road and Harley might possibly be my best friends besides Ty and Addie and all that is getting me through PA school when I feel completely isolated from the world due to studying.
Some may say that being on the road is isolating, but not when the road can feel what I feel and appreciate all the pathogens and treatments and diseases filling my head.  It lets me dump them on it.
And then I get to come home to a sloppy kiss from Harley and the biggest hugs from Addie and Addie saying she is proud of me and wanting to hear all about my run.

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