Friday, October 28, 2011

Today I discovered....

Today I discovered that not only have I fallen in love with running....I may have become obsessed.  It has been a rough week although I only had 1 test in school I haven't been feeling very well.  I managed to get in a great 6 mile run and was feeling really good but then quickly made excuses to not run the rest of the week.  So now I am feeling lazy, unmotivated, and really starting to freak out about Goofy.  WHAT WAS I THINKING???  However, in all my free time all I do is look up races to run.  If only I could race with out training...probably not a very good idea.
But then we decided to go to Florida Mall for family night...and I discovered the greatest sight for sore running eyes...a running store in the mall!!!  Needless to say, I cheered up almost immediately and could have spent all my money, but instead started making a list for Christmas :)
And tomorrow...I will be running 10 miles and on Sunday I will be running 15 miles.  It is time to stop the excuses and step it up!!!!

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