Tuesday, January 18, 2011

People are Crazy!

What a day...what a day.  Today would have the been perfect day to go for a nice long run to clear my head.  People are just nuts sometimes.  I hate when people try to accuse you of not doing any work when in reality you are working, but calmy.  Why do people think that it looks like you are busier when you are running around crazy like, like a chicken with your head cut off???  It is possible to get work done in a calm and organized and less stressful manner....we are all adults are not?
But alas, something better then running came along, so I have taken 2 nights off in a row.  The opportunity to have dinner with a good friend should never be passed on.  Friends support you through good times and bad so when a chance arrives to see a friend from long ago, take it.  Who knows when it will happen again.  My Zeta grandsis is in town this week.  I was fortunate to spend Saturday with her, and my wonderful husband came along as well and helped to corral Addie and then I got to have Sarah all to myself for dinner tonight.  It is nice to talk about good ole Stetson days, the present, and the future.  There is a bond of sisterhood with Zeta that nothing compares with.  When you go from not seeing someone for a long time, talking through facebook, and spending two days as if not a day has gone by from the Beta Psi Chapter Room...that my friends is what is all about.  I miss that.
But I digress...tomorrow at work I'm sure will be quite interesting....and I'm sure a nice 6 mile run will be the cure. 
37 days until Princess Half Marathon!!  I ran 8 miles for the first time this weekend and it felt great, well actually it kind of sucked...but a good sucked :)  The Reutebuch Family Disney Trip planning is coming along nicely...I think Ty and I might be more excited than Addie.  I can't wait!!!!!!!  And again, it will be nice to meet up with my fine Zeta ladies while in Orlando :)


  1. Good luck in the half marathon sweety! You'll do amazing!!! Cheering you on from DC!!

  2. Thanks!! Next time we are up we will definately have to get together! I think they send out a link so you can virtually track runners during the race, so when I get it I will post it on here and facebook. I think I have lost my mind...hahaha