Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mmmm...Hot Chocolate

WOOHOO!!!  Yesterday was the Hot Chocolate 10k in Asheville, NC.  If you know anything about this race, the last 1K is straight uphill...and not a little bit but a steep incline.  I knew I was going to have to walk up the hill at the end so my first goal that I set was to run the first 2 miles without walking.  As I ran past the first mile, I heard the best sound!  I was really goal was to stay under 13:30/mile pace...the pace I hope to keep for Disney.  And then came mile 2...23 something...alright I can do this...I can make it to 3 miles without walking.  I passed Ty right before 3 miles...thanks for standing in 19 degrees and cheering for me.  I ran around the park and over the bridge...the 4 mile mark is too much farther..I can make it.  As I pass Ty again, I yell to him that I haven't walked yet and I get a little teary as he yells for me that my pace is awesome.  I'm slowing down a little bit but still haven't walked...I get to mile 5.  Calves are starting to burn a little bit and my back is killing me.  Probably around 5.25 and 5.5 miles I cave and walk a little bit.  But I know that I need to run to the hill because then I will have to walk.  I walk the hill and get to the 6 mile mark..76 something.  Not going to make my goal of under 1:15 but just want to finish the dang hill :)  I cross the finish line at!!!  That is 9 minutes+ off my Turkey Trot time and would have been even more if it wasn't for the hill.  I am totally proud of myself and so is Ty....I couldn't be happier with my performance!!
And to top it all off..I found a Livestrong ear warmer at Dick's and had my hair had grown long enough to donate to Locks of Love!!!! 
Such a great day yesterday!!!  Pictures of the race will be up when we get home tonight!!!

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  1. Yep! great day. You did great. I totally got teary-eyed at the end of my first triathlon. Feels good to achieve your goals. Glad you made it up here, can't wait til you come back again.

    You need to post the pics ty took of the run. Amazing job. Don't forget you also accomplished all that in super frigid weather