Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!! my house we will be celebrating tomorrow because Ty has to work today.  I did bake cookies with Addie yesterday and made the first apple cake of the season this morning for Ty to take to work.
Runner's World has challenged (and I have accepted) a sort of "seasonal resolution".  The challenge is to run everyday between now and New Year's...even it is only a mile.  I'm pretty regularly running about 4 times a week but have decided to take on the challenge :) Which means, I will be loading the munchkin into the stroller after nap time in between baking cookies, eating cookies, and watching Christmas to run at least a mile today.
Tomorrow will be an easy 5 miler and then a mile again on Saturday.....and then....
SPACE COAST HALF MARATHON on Sunday.  I am so excited about this race.  This is going to be the first "non-Disney" half marathon that I am attempting.  This is also the first race that I don't just want to finish but I want to PR.
I'm going to try and update every day of the run challenge :)

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