Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Race Recap: Expedition Everest Challenge

Run...Jump...Run...Tires...Run...Crawl...Run...Solve some clues...run...PARTY!!!

Oh you want more details than that about the greatest 5k at Disneyworld???  Well here goes.  We got to Animal Kingdom around 9pm for the 10pm race.  We were in Corral H so we had plenty of time to kill in the corral so talked to those around us :)  And there were lots of people around us.  Standing in the corral we were able to catch a view for the "May the Fourth Be With You" fireworks special from Hollywood Studios.  Who doesn't love unexpected fireworks?!? As the pictures show below the race was full of fun!  The afterparty was awesome as well but I was exhausted so we didn't stay long.  Ran into some friends and then headed home to shower and sleep....afterall I had a run planned for the next morning at port orleans!
Overall course..5k and scavenger:

View from Corral H before the race
Its snowing!!!!
 Our time to go!!!!

First obstacle - Hay Bales!!!
Mile 1 just before entering the park....10 minute mile!!!!

Running up to Everest!
Obstacle #2 and the only backup on the course...tire agilities!

Look I found in Animal Kingdom!!!!
Mile 2!!!
Mile 3

Obstacle 3 -  crawling under the net!  This was the hardest!!!  And dirtiest!!!

Clue #1 - due to hustling there aren't any more pictures of the other clues


Reason I had to shower as soon as I got home!  Yes that is dirt!!!


  1. This was a great race! So different than the normal race. I loved it all. Great post!