Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekly Round Up

What a stressful was an EOR week with a bonus test.  But I passed both my tests and all my graded tests of PA school are complete...if anyone else was counting it was somewhere around 111 tests since June 1, 2011.  10 weeks to go!!!  Job interviews are slowly coming in so keep your fingers crossed!!!

The training this week was a little sparse...mainly because of studying and the weather.  We have entered humidity and storm season here in central Florida.  If you haven't been to Florida in the summer, you are almost guaranteed an evening rain or thunderstorm.

On Tuesday, however, I had my fastest 3 miles...maintained an 11:03 pace.  The goal pace was 12:30 so  I was very happy with that!  I did the first mile with Harley, the middle mile by myself, and the last mile with Davidson.  Ty and Addie rode their bikes to cheer me on.
Wednesday was a study break run at Disney's boardwalk with the girls, Ty and Rob.  Again it was a faster than expected 4 miles and got done as the thunder was getting closer.  I wanted to stay for Wednesday run drinks but a surgery test and PA cumulative test was looming in my future.
Thursday's run was cancelled due to previously mentioned cumulative test and Ty's car dying causing unnecessary stress.
Today's run was HOT and HUMID!!!  Things learned today: 1) eat breakfast 2) it is still hot at 5:30am 3) nothing beats the sunrise over the boardwalk and the EPCOT ball, 4) pushing a stroller with a 45 lb kid in it is no fun in the heat.  Anyways I cut an 8 mile run down to 5.3 because it wasn't worth it to me to struggle through it this early in the training season and risk illness/injury.  Ty rushed over to the gas station to get me some gatorade and something to eat.  Then of course we celebrated Father's Day with everyone guessed it....PANERA!  I still had very little appetite thanks to heat exhaustion but enjoyed my side of bacon.  Oh yeah...and even with pushing the stroller I was under my 12:30 pace goal!

Here is the training plan for the week (it is tentative for now because Ty is away until Wednesday so Tuesday's run may be postponed)
Monday: Rest/Possibly Abs
Tuesday: 4 miles easy at 12:28 (hmm....I'm guessing it will be around 11:30 unless I have the stroller)
Wednesday: Rest/Possibly Abs (Ty comes home!!!!!)
Thursday: 4 miles, including 2x1600 in 10:12 with 800m recovery
Friday: Rest/Swim
Saturday: Swim/Bike
Sunday: 9 miles at 12:28

74 days until Disney's Dumbo Dare Challenge
109 days until Disney's Tower of Terror 10 miler
139 days until ING NYC Marathon

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