Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Life can change in an instant

I got a text the other day that no one ever wants to get..."I can't talk about it right now but wanted to let you know my dad passed away this morning"...it was from my best friend...my oldest friend...my maid of honor...my daughter's god mother.  Growing up my dad wasn't around a lot but her's gladly filled that void.  You could count on him to be out running in all sorts of weather (probably my first memory of a runner).  We would laugh and always question..why is your dad wearing such short shorts?  Doesn't he know it is raining/snowing/hot/cold outside?  He was there to pick us up from school and drop us off...although there was that one rainy morning in 6th grade where he waved to me, apparently oblivious to the fact that it was raining and I was walking to school and a ride would have been nice :)  He was there to constantly remind you of your childhood nickname and use it even on your wedding day.  He was more than a soccer coach racking up red cards, more than a basketball coach, more than a friend's dad.  He was one of the closest things I had to a dad and a brain aneurysm took that all away.  I positive is that as an organ donor he was able to save 7 other lives.
It has been too painful to go for a run, although I did take the munchkin to Hollywood Studios tonight to escape reality for a bit.  Lo and behold a rainbow appeared over the hat...rainbows have a funny way about them...appearing when you need them most to let you know that is everything will be ok.  I'll miss you forever Mr. Conroy...I'll be there for Aindrea and John as best I can.

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