Sunday, June 2, 2013

Awesome Week!!!

I have so much to update on I don't know where to start!!  This week wasn't a very good running week...actually it was a zero mileage running week, but sometimes that is what its needed.  In big news...I will be running the NEW YORK MARATHON!!!!  I entered the lottery on a whim and actually got picked so we are going to the Big Apple in November!!  I'm possibly more excited for this than running Dumbo Challenge in August.  I have big expectations for myself in New York.  Training starts June 17 so feel free to follow me running to New York!  My goal is to be 5lbs lighter and do a 5 hour marathon..EEK!!!  My previous marathon goals have been to finish not really with a time goal.  This is the first one I am going into that I want to really really rock and push myself and see what I can do.  If you have any recommendations for training plans please let me know!!  And if you have been to NY, ran NY, or have any other suggestions for NY please let me know!  Ty's brother and his wife live in Queens so we will be staying with them but we are so excited to be going!  I haven't even closed the window for the ING New York Marathon website :)

Here is the weekly training plan for those following at home:
Sunday (Today) - 4 miles with Kat and 30 day shred (already completed)
Monday - 30 day shred
Tuesday - 4 miles with Della 30 day shred
Wednesday - NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!!!  5k @Fit2Run-Florida Mall and 30 day shred
Thursday - 4 miles with Della and 30 day shred
Friday - 30 day shred
Saturday - 6.5 miles 30 day shred
Sunday - 10 miles 30 day shred

Cast your votes for where Saturday and Sundays run should be...pick a fun route or hotel at Walt Disney World!!

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  1. SO exciting!!!! You can totally make your goals. I have faith in you :) My cousins all used to live there at one point and my uncle ran the race so I will hit them up for suggestions